Monday, 4 October 2010

A Vision of Grandeur

This is a poem I wrote a few years back that's being published in a book called 'the Book of Dreams' in November by United Press Ltd. It also got featured in the Freshers Edition of Smoke Magazine 2010, downloadable from their website.

'My focus was drawn to the small red man at the foot of my leg. A curious look of satisfaction on his sunburnt face, and a small knife clenched in a deformed hand.
In the grand scheme of things she was no prize pony. She was a walk on part in a made for TV movie, and because of the way she laughed with that cold green stare, a panicked rush of fear paraded through my mind. Like the seasons she could change.
I looked twice and the characteristics were there. Teeth and fur and the bloody remnants of a meal at her mouth. Then was gone. Obviously a hallucination. A vision of grandeur. A horrific trick the red man had played on my fragile self. He likes to watch me squirm and stutter and become unsure of myself.'

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